Sonic Shock Alarm Applications

These are the primary uses in which Sonic Shock is most commonly used in universities, hotels, community rooms, and hospitals. Our customers also deploy them in a variety of unusual applications – some off beat examples have included securing new appliances on tract building sites, music mixers and stage equipment, and exhaust manifolds in an auto testing facility.


Securing projectors is the number one use of Sonic Shock alarms, primarily in universities and colleges, but also in schools and hotels.

Televisions | Flat Panels | Interactive Displays

Safeguarding TVs, Flat Panels, and Interactive Displays are among the most popular uses for Sonic Shock,  typically in commercial settings such as hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, community centers, and fitness centers.


Commercial & institutional customers use Sonic Shock on all types of desktop computers, the most popular application being iMacs located in hotel business centers and university or college labs.