Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sonic Shock stop all theft?
Most, but possibly not all. Thieves want quick, simple, and quiet; Sonic Shock ™denies all three.
Can't thieves just break off the Sonic Shock alarm?
What about desolate locations and times?
Why not just use steel cables?
What if they cut the sensor cable?
Can the alarm be muffled?
Will somebody else's key open my unit?
What things should I focus on securing?
How about computers?
Can it be used on Macs?
Can we re-use the alarm if we later buy new equipment?
How long will the battery last in monitoring mode?
How long will the alarm go?
Is the battery expensive?
Can I install this myself?
Your product pages show Sonic Shock "5". Can I still buy the "4", "3" or the "2"?
Can I still buy replacement mounting plates for the discontinued Sonic Shock "2" and "3", and "4"?
I already use Sonic Shock "2", "3" or "4"; do I need to get new keys for Shock "5"?
Why don't you include keys and glue in every alarm kit?