Monitor up to 5 devices with one Sonic Shock alarm 

Starbase Hub

Low Cost Protection

Some equipment is too small for a Sonic Shock alarm to fit, or may not cost enough to warrant purchasing a dedicated alarm. But people are stealing the things. Starbase enables a Sonic Shock alarm you might already have in place to monitor sensors on up to five other pieces of equipment. Less expensive than good security cables; vastly more effective in preventing theft.

More than five items? You can daisy chain a second Starbase into the first, giving you a net four more sensor connections.

Sonic Shock Mini Sensor

A tiny sensor for small (or not) devices

Fastened firmly and securely with 3M high bond adhesive pad, the Sonic Shock Mini Sensor triggers the Sonic Shock alarm if the sensor is removed from your equipment or if its connection is unplugged. The Mini Sensor can also be relocated and reused by replacing the tape with any 3M "Command" brand refill strips available in the likes of Staples or Home Depot.


mm: 17w x 30 x 12 h  |  in: 0.75 x 1.2 x .4

Choice of cable lengths 

90 cm   |   3 foot straight cable
30 - 150  cm  |  1 - 5 foot coiled cable