small LOUD alarms
that thwart thieves

The Virtual Anti-theft lock for Projectors, Televisions, iMacs & PCs

OFFENSE is the best defence

Sonic Shock is an offensive defence. It works like a car alarm— individually affixed to each of your projectors, TVs, computers, or monitors. Thieves either have to carry a sounding alarm, or expend time trying to remove it. Amateurs quit. Pros leave. Your hardware stays.

Thieves hate noise

They don't worry you'll catch them in the act. You won't.
They care someone will notice: When? Who? What did they look like? Thieves want nothing to do with things that draw attention. That's bad for business.

Toxic to Thieves

Noise, any unusual noise at all, attracts attention thieves don't want, or it betrays thieves masquerading as legitimate service technicians. Amateurs quit. Pros leave. Your hardware stays.

Pain in the butt to pry Off

High grade Stainless Steel, spot welds, and polycarbonate or aluminum mounting plate, all affixed with industrial methyl methacrylate structural adhesive. If they get it off, what's left won't sell for much, assuming it even still works.

More Potent than Tie-Down Hardware

Cables are quickly cut, or whatever they're tethered to busted up. Sonic Shock isn't a cure for cancer, but if cables alone worked, you wouldn't be reading this.

But not a Pain in your butt

ZERO false alarms. You can bump into it, whack it with a basket ball, swing or adjust the TV on its mount within limit of the tether. No low battery beeps: the battery will last 5 years and is easy to replace.

One common device to secure all AV, computing, and display devices

Sonic Shock anti-theft alarms can be used on everything – projectors, TVs, computers, game machines, music mixers, anything with a flat surface big enough to mount the alarm.

One common device for everything. One key.

You can start with just one. It's easy to add more later because we can match your key code so that you can use the same key.

How it Works

Five steps. Eight minutes. Seven of those minutes are waiting for glue to set.

Affix Baseplate

Glue a mounting baseplate to your protected equipment. This is never coming off short of damaging the equipment.

Attach Alarm

The alarm slips under the edges of the baseplate.

Secure the Sensor

Loop or lasso the far end of the sensor around something fixed, heavy, or immovable.

Don't have anything around which to loop the tether?

You can order kits with our Anchor Point sensor – a peel-and-stick which goes on a wall, underside of a table, side of desk, or any other smooth flat surface.

Plug in the Sensor Line


Lock & Arm

Turning the key both locks the alarm box onto the baseplate AND arms the alarm.

What triggers it?

Unplugging or cutting the sensor line triggers the alarm. The siren keeps going until you disarm with a key, or the battery dies – hours later.


Mount any way you want

Sideways or upside down – no need to adjust or calibrate anything.

Shake it all you want

Sonic Shock isn't motion sensitive. You can have alarmed equipment on a mobile cart or a TV swing mount. Accidental bumps, knocks, or earth tremors won't trigger it.

Long Battery Life

You only need to change the battery every 4 or 5 years, and that's only because batteries get old. Our efficient circuitry consumes so little power it would take 50 years monitoring to drain the battery.


Upgrading, changing out, or repairing your equipment? No need to buy a new alarm. Just buy a new base plate and reuse the alarm.

Expandable population

You can start with one. You don't have to make some huge technical/budget commitment up front.  You might be like some of our customers and eventually end up with thousands, but all done just a few at a time and over a period of years. Every model we make and has ever made works roughly the same way. And anything you buy in future we can key to the same code. Won't take weeks because it's a "custom order". Every order we build to order.

Thoughtful locks

We can make all your alarms operable by the same key ("Keyed Alike"). And we can match that code on alarms you buy tomorrow, next month, even years from now.
Suspect your key is compromised? Our locks have removable cores – you can change keying in seconds by replacing the cores. Affordably. In fact, if you're willing to ship back your old cores, we'll buy them from you for the same price we sold you the new ones.

Strongest glue ever

The bumper of this truck isn't bolted on; it's glued on with methacrylate. Stronger than bolts. Shock resistant. Temperature resistant. Solvent resistant. Which is why we use methacrylate. It costs more than epoxy, and is harder to use than cyanoacrylates (Krazy Glue, Super Glue, etc.) but if somebody actually does pry a Sonic Shock off your stuff, what's left isn't something people rush to buy.

Stainless steel housing

The thieves you're defending against aren't shoplifters; they're pros. We forge our casings from high grade drill busting hard stainless steel, then weld and finish each corner. Plastic would be cheaper and easier. We don't design for cheap and easy.

Monitor more than one thing

Our optional TrapLine sensor allows you to monitor additional items with one Sonic Shock alarm, say small nearby peripherals such as a TV box, or perhaps a group of LCD monitors at a computer station.

Monitor remotely

An optional remote output kit allows the alarm to be hooked up to a standard wired building security system.

What's in the Box

We sell two package forms...

1. Full Kits

The Sonic Shock 5 Full kit includes everything you need to install and operate a Sonic Shock 5 alarm – the alarm module and sensor tether, base plate, glue and two keys. You don't need tools.

2. Installing many? Save MONEY with Commercial Kits

Buying and installing lots of alarms? With Full kits, you're buying a lot of glue and keys you maybe don't need –  one glue cartridge is enough to install 4 -5 alarms, and if you're like most customers having us key all your alarms to the same code, you may only need a few keys.

For these situations we offer COMMERCIAL KITS which have everything that's in the Full kits, EXCEPT glue and keys. These you order just what you need.

We also offer quantity discounts on both Full and Commercial kits starting as few as four units.

Our Users

Universities, colleges and schools. Hotels, business centers, community and recreational centers. Commercial gyms. Restaurants. Stores. Churches. Individuals too. It works better than cables, cages, and anchors that thieves simply chop, cut, or pry loose. Sonic Shock is effective electronic security you can leave armed 24/7 in a lecture hall, classroom, conference room, or nursing station.

No false alarms from accidental knocks or movement, earth tremors, power surges, static electricity.

No need to regularly arm/disarm: you arm it and leave. You and your staff will forget it's there. Students, patients, hotel guests, clients will forget it's there.

Our alarm won't forget it's there.